Where To Buy Used Cars In Today’s Automotive Industry

Buying a used car might have felt like a gamble in the past, but people are doing it more and more these days. If you’re wondering where’s the best place to buy a used car, we’re going to assess all the options. We’re looking at where to buy used cars, and which places are the best.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Used Car?

Typically, people buy their used cars through a dealership or in a private sale.  

These methods remain popular. Although there is a new and more convenient way of buying used cars that are quickly taking over.  It is, of course, buying online. 

First, however, we’re going to look at where to find used cars using a standard dealership.

The Old-Fashioned Way

used car dealership

It might seem old-fashioned, but the bricks-and-mortar dealership is still one of the best places that sell used cars. This method remains popular because people like to touch, feel, and drive any potential used car before making their minds up.

The traditional used car dealership allows you to walk in, test drive, and decide if the car feels right for you. Knowing the best car dealers for used cars can be tricky, however, because it’s not always easy to trust a dealership.

One sure way of getting a quality used car is to visit an ‘approved used’ dealership. These businesses can be the most expensive option but their vehicles will have undergone thorough checks and often come with a warranty.

‘Independent’ dealers may offer better prices than an ‘approved used’. But, the quality of vehicles offered can vary greatly, as can any warranty period.

Another benefit of buying a used car through a physical dealership is how easy it is to part-exchange your own vehicle.

Other purchasing methods don’t always guarantee a part-exchange offer. Which may mean you need to sell your car independently.

Private Sale

Private sales have always been a popular way of selling used cars because the prices are typically better than going through a dealership. This method does come with risks, however, and it’s very much a case of ‘buyer beware’.

There is little legal comeback for anyone buying a used car privately if there is something wrong with their new vehicle.

Knowing where to buy used cars privately involves experience and mechanical know-how.

There is also a large amount of knowing where to look to buy a used car successfully through this method. Many cars are advertised through local ads in papers or magazines. While online platforms such as Auto Trader or Gumtree have grown in popularity over recent years.

In addition to the risks taken, buyers will have to arrange for their own insurance cover before taking any private used car out for a test drive.

There are a few more things you should check and ask about before going ahead with a private purchase. This is in order to prevent any issues and make sure that the car you’re buying is in good condition.

Find out what those are in our articles What To Ask When Buying A Used Car and Our Guide On What To Check When Buying A Used Car.


where to buy used cars

There are many places that sell used cars, and auctions are often the cheapest. But, they can come with even more risks than buying privately.

Most of the time, customers are buying cars ‘as seen’ at an auction while also trying to outbid experienced bidders. However, we recommend visiting a few auctions to learn the ropes before you start bidding.

Check out our article on What Are My Rights When Buying A Used Car? Our Guide for more details on auction buying.  

Ex-Demonstration Cars

Anyone buying a new car from a dealership will typically take it out for a test drive before signing on the dotted line. These demonstration cars cannot be sold as new because they have been driven. Which often reduces their price considerably.

You may consider them ‘like new’, as often there will only be a limited number of miles on the odometer.

Moving Online

buy used car online

While these other methods have their places in the used car market, many new and established dealers are moving to online sales. Customers are showing more and more confidence that online used car dealerships are reliable and trustworthy.

Traditional dealerships have moved to online sales. Which has helped make customers know how to find used cars more easily while making online sales feel more legitimate.

In addition to the traditional dealers, new retailers are also helping the used car market to grow online. Retailers like Cazoo and Cinch have stepped up their promotional efforts, particularly during the pandemic, which continues to grow online sales of used cars.

Established names in the industry like Car Supermarket, Motors.co.uk, and Auto Trader have also moved online to encourage more sales through this method. With such large reaches between them, it’s easy to see why these dealerships are so trusted within the automotive industry

Customers have the same rights when buying from an online dealer as they would from a physically used car dealership.

Moving With The Times

The car industry has to move with the times or face being left behind. People have been forced to stay home during the nationwide lockdowns but their desire to buy cars hasn’t gone away.

Instead, they are looking to buy from the comfort of their own sofa, rather than stepping out to a physical shop. 

Many established car dealers have moved online, but often they require their customers to leave home to pick up their cars.

But, not FairSquare.

Where To Buy Used Cars Online?


There are many online car dealers but we at FairSquare like to think we offer our customers something above and beyond the competition. We offer consumers a one-stop-shop where they can browse new and used cars online.

The process is seamless, and whenever customers are ready to buy the purchasing and finance stages are entirely online. Help is always on-hand thanks to our dedicated UK-based customer services team.

Once you have ordered your car through FairSquare, you can sit back on your sofa and relax as we take care of the rest. We deliver your new or used car to your door for free in a speedy, contactless, and safe manner.

All used cars sold through FairSquare are under five years old and have fewer than 50k miles on the clock.

While using our website, customers can compare up to four different finance options at a time. This makes finding the perfect finance option for you much easier.

We also pride ourselves on our multiple lender offers, online finance application, and fully online service that includes free home delivery. 

Of our competitors, we are the only service to offer both new and used car searches on our website. Additionally, we have more vehicles in stock than both Cazoo and Cinch, with plans to introduce even more new and used cars to our growing collection.

We also understand the importance of trade-in and are working on our own online trade-in service that is coming soon.

Now that you know where to buy used cars, why not take a look at our range and find something you like the look of?

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