Valentines Day Gifts: The Ultimate Gift Guide For Car Lovers

valentines day gifts

Valentine’s day is a great day to show how much you care for the special person in your life. Choosing the right valentines day gifts can be hard, especially if that person loves their car.

Luckily for you, we have made the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide for the car lover in your life! Here are 10 of our favourite car-themed gifts for the 14th of Feb. 

1. Wireless Phone Charger

An easy Valentine Day gift that’s simple to get hold of is a wireless phone charger for cars. Plenty of phones nowadays have wireless charging, but people still tend to use wired ones in their cars

A wireless charger means there aren’t any pesky wires to deal with or get in the way while you’re driving.

It’s a great gift for the practical car lover who needs their phone nearby while they drive and one of the most useful Valentines Day gifts for men and women!

2. Lego Creator Car Set

valentines day gifts

If you’re looking for fun Valentines Day gift ideas for him or her, then a Lego Creator Car Set is a good idea. 

If your partner has a dream car that they can’t afford right now, then why not get them a miniature version. 

Lego, and other companies alike, have a large variety to choose from. Such as a Ford Mustang, a Porsche 911, and a Fiat 500. They even have James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5!

Additionally, this Valentines Day gift makes a great display piece when it’s all finished. Also, you can take it apart and build it all over again – never-ending fun!

3. Personalised Keyring

A personalised keyring makes a cute Valentines Day gift for anyone – boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, or husbands. Depending on which one you choose, there are almost infinite possibilities. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Something to do with their make of car
  • Their name
  • Your anniversary
  • Your name
  • Their car’s name

A personalised keyring is a sweet reminder that you love them, even when they’re in their car and driving far away

They can also fit many budgets with materials like real leather, engraved metal, or even carved wood. No matter what their aesthetic is, you’re bound to find a keyring that suits them!

4. Steering Wheel Cover

valentines day gifts

A steering wheel cover is one of the greatest Valentine’s day gift ideas for her or him since you can make it really personal. 

If your partner is a big fan of a movie franchise, for example, you can choose one with their favourite character on it. They’re bound to smile when she sees you’ve remembered two of their favourite things, their car, and their favourite movie. 

You can also choose one to spruce up the interior of your partner’s car. Maybe that’s a polished leather cover that adds a bit of luxury or a bright pink fluffy one!

5. Car Care Box

If your significant other likes to keep their car spick and span, then putting together a kit full of bits and bobs to keep their car looking good is one of the best cheap Valentines Day gifts. 

Getting to know their favourite products and seeking them out will show that you care. It also saves them some money too!

You could even offer to clean your partner’s car for them with homemade coupons if you want to go the extra mile. Make sure to decorate and wrap everything in red, white, or pink tissue paper to give it that Valentines Day feel. 

Check out our guide on What To Use To Wash A Car for some useful tips!

6. Custom Car Mats

valentines day gifts

Car mats are one of the first things to get grimy in a well-loved car, so why not replace them for that special someone? 

To make the gift feel more personal, you could seek out a place that will customise them. You could get your anniversary embroidered on them, their initials or maybe even a quote from your favourite romantic film!

Giving a gift that someone will see and use all the time, means they’ll remember how much you love them all the time! We reckon custom car mats make for one of the best personalised Valentines Day gifts. 

7. Driving Gloves

Nothing feels quite as fancy as wearing a nice pair of leather driving gloves.

Whether you’re driving a used car or a new car, give the gift of feeling like a million dollars by gifting that special someone some new driving gloves. 

Whilst they’re a bit of a luxury for most people to buy themselves, receiving them as a surprise gift on Valentines Day will bring that little bit of Hollywood glamour to their everyday life. 

8. Dash Camera

dash cam

Whilst this might not be one of the most romantic gifts, it says that you care about your partner’s wellbeing and want them to be safe on the road

There are a few options depending on your budget or needs, so keep an eye out for any bargains!

9. Car Wall Art

If your partner’s obsession with cars isn’t just about the one they drive, then some cool car wall art for their home will really freshen up their space. 

There are so many options to find online. From photo canvases, to modern and minimalist. 

No matter your partner’s interior design, you’re bound to find one that they’ll love. 

10. A Car From FairSquare

fairsquare logo

What better Valentines Day gift is there for car enthusiasts than a car? At FairSquare, we have a huge range of cars so you’re bound to find one that your partner will love!

If you want to treat them to something then check out our financing options for both new and used cars.

You’ll easily find something that your special someone will love and treasure for many Valentines Days to come!

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