Romantic Getaway Cars: What Are The Best Cars For Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many of us are dreaming of romantic getaways with our loved ones. What could be better for a romantic getaway than a brand new car to take you there?

We’re looking at some of the best cars to whisk your loved one away for the perfect romantic getaway. Let’s dive in. 

One For The Ladies – Citroen DS3

romantic getaway

We thought we would kick things off with a nice little pink car. But then we realised that there aren’t many pink cars out there that actually look good. Luckily, we found a compromise in the form of the Citroen DS3.

This car has just the right amount of pink to make it the perfect Valentine’s gift to your beloved without it looking out of place any other day of the year.

The Citroen DS3 looks pretty in pink, and it’s the perfect car to whisk people away for romantic weekend getaways.

If pink isn’t your colour, these Citroens come in a wide range of shades and complexions to match your personality.

One For The Gents – BMW M6 Cabriolet

romantic getaway

Although Valentine’s Day is in February, that shouldn’t stop you from having a bit of fun on the roads. Romantic weekend getaways will never be the same again when you start the engine of this BMW M6 Cabriolet.

Just make sure to wrap up warm if you do take the roof down on those chilly winter days!

While many convertibles toe the line between sporty and fun, this M6 Cabriolet packs a masculine punch that will please any speed-loving driver.

The only trouble is he might be thinking more about this car than getting his partner’s heart racing.

Best For Storing Presents – Audi Q5

romantic getaway

Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is all about one thing – the presents. So what better vehicle to plan your romantic getaway with than the spacious Audi Q5?

There is plenty of room in the boot to store as many hidden presents as you’d like for your beloved. You can fill it with flowers, bottles of champagne, or even a litter of puppies and still have room for your overnight bag.

Not only is the Audi Q5 like a Tardis with its spacious interior. But the SUV is a fun and comfortable drive as you travel to your couples getaway.

Best Autonomous Driving – Tesla Model S

romantic getaway

It’s hard to be romantic while having to look at the road, but the Tesla Model S has you covered. Thanks to its incredible autonomous driving features, you can give your partner the focus they deserve while the Model S takes you places.

Now you can stare lovingly into your partner’s eyes while the Tesla handles the driving while also doing your bit to prevent climate change.

Of course, while self-driving cars are amazing, we would recommend that you don’t actually take your eyes off the road while behind the wheel!

Best Panoramic Sunroof – Jaguar F-Pace SUV

romantic getaway

You might like the idea of looking up at the stars in the night sky during romantic weekend getaways but don’t want to freeze outside while doing it. The Jaguar F-Pace SUV is perfect for stargazing with a loved one while sitting in a temperature-controlled space.

Thanks to the amazing panoramic sunroof, the F-Pace lets you roll your seats back, slow down and take a look into space. 

With the luxury interior, spending a date night in this Jaguar will almost feel like a weekend away in a fancy hotel. Almost.

Best Pickup – Ford Ranger Raptor

romantic getaway

While Valentine’s Day might seem like it’s all about couples in love, single people can enjoy the special occasion too. And what says pickup better than a pickup truck?

For years, pickups have been perceived as brutish vehicles that are more at home on a farm than they are on our roads, but things are changing.

Ford is constantly updating its pickups thanks to their increased popularity, and the Ranger Raptor is now as comfortable and safe as it is agricultural.

Even if you don’t find your perfect Valentine’s date in this pickup, you can still have plenty of fun on your own while tackling rugged roads in the Ranger Raptor.

Something Cute – Nissan Figaro

romantic getaway

The Nissan Figaro might just be the cutest Valentine’s gift ever. This lovely convertible will ensure whoever is driving it is turning heads while having the time of their lives.

It’s ideal for weekend getaways for couples seeking to find the perfect Valentine’s retreat in the country. When the sun is out you can put the top down, get your sunnies out and wrap up with a headscarf on your way to a romantic picnic.

The retro car has a 1950s styling but was made in the ’90s. It proved so popular on its release that it sold out almost instantly and the spirit of the Figaro has been kept alive by those who love them dearly.

Best Car With Bling – Lamborghini Aventador

romantic getaway

When it comes to Valentine’s Day presents, some people like to go big or go home. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this jewel-encrusted Lamborghini Aventador makes a statement.

There are over 600,000 crystals attached to this Lamborghini, ensuring it glitters on even the dullest of days in the UK.

If you don’t fancy standing in a queue outside Pandora for three hours, maybe a ‘blinged-up’ car is the way to go instead.

Best Car For Movie Night – BMW X5

romantic getaway

Many people’s perfect idea of a Valentine’s date is to go for dinner and then catch a movie with their partner. With the BMW X5, you can do both of those things without ever having to leave the comfort of your car.

These luxury SUVs come equipped with TV screens in the rear of the front seats, so you can still have movie night even if the cinemas are still closed.

All you need is a drive-through and you can have a great date while socially distancing from the rest of the world.

Best Car For An Adventurous Date – Land Rover Defender

romantic getaway

Although dinner and a movie is a perfectly lovely way to spend an evening with your partner, not everyone finds that exciting enough. For those who want their pulses racing throughout their date, an off-road adventure is the way to go.

Cars can provide us with a great sense of adventure and the Land Rover Defender will see you through practically any terrain you can think of. These rugged 4x4s love to tackle anything the British countryside throws at them, including romantic getaways for couples.

Not only will the Defender drive through walls for you but it will make you feel at home thanks to its luxurious interior.

We think these cars are the best options out there for the perfect romantic getaway. Take a look at our wonderful collection of new and used cars to find your perfect Valentine’s Day present.

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