Car Theft: How To Protect Yourself From Attracting Car Thieves

car theft

We all work hard for nice things, that’s why it can be so frustrating if you are the victim of car theft. 

Keeping your car secure is a big worry for motorists. So today, we’re looking at the best ways to protect yourself from car theft, from the best types of car security to the best methods of car theft protection.

How To Prevent Car Theft

Knowing how to protect your car from theft is important, and typically, prevention is the best form of defence against thieves.

Thieves want to steal cars as quickly as possible, so anything that might slow them down acts as a deterrent.

Armouring your car with a few theft-prevention gadgets can encourage thieves to move on and leave your car alone. Let’s take a look at some of the best options. 

Steering Lock

car theft

One of the most simple and best car anti-theft devices is the steering lock. This lets thieves know that even if they break into your car and get it started, they aren’t going to be steering well. 

There are a few different types, but they all do the same job – locking your steering wheel in place. 

It might be a relatively low-tech solution, but it remains one of the safest precautions you can take.

Dash Cam

dash cam

One anti-theft system in cars that have become popular in recent years is the dashcam

Some of these anti-theft car cameras are activated by movement and will begin recording from the moment they sense something is going on nearby.

As thieves are committing a crime, they don’t want any evidence linking them to the theft of your vehicles. 

The dashcam not only prevents thieves, but can also be essential evidence for tracking them down as well as resolving insurance claims.

Faraday Bag

faraday bag

Most cars come with remote keys these days which makes life convenient. Without even touching your key fob you can gain entry to your car, but this also means thieves have a new way of stealing vehicles.

They can use the signal from your keys to gain access to your car remotely. That signal from your key can be sent to a transmitter, which fools your car into thinking the keys are nearby. Thankfully, there is a way to stop thieves from gaining such easy access.

It’s called a Faraday bag and it blocks any signal from your keys to your car. These bags use a metal lining to confine the key signal inside. Which means they can’t be found and used by thieves.

However, if the metal lining of these bags is cracked or worn, they will no longer be effective, so it’s important to frequently inspect them.

Hide Away Your Valuables 

car theft

Besides having visible theft-prevention devices in your car, we recommend hiding any valuables from sight.

The reason someone might break into your car is for what they can see through the window. If they don’t see anything of value, they may choose another target. Lots of cars lock themselves these days, so it can be easy to just walk away and assume it is locked.

It can be harder to win an insurance claim if it is later proven that your car was unlocked when it was stolen. Therefore, we recommend double-checking that your vehicle is securely locked before walking away from it.

Park In A Safe Place


If you have a driveway, use it. Thieves are less likely to steal your car if they have to get closer to your house to do it.

Additionally, when parking in a driveway we suggest driving in and turning your wheels to one side. Thieves are looking to steal a car as quickly as possible so anything that halts their progress is important.

Parking your car with the wheels turned prevents an easy getaway for the thief and can be used when leaving your vehicle on the road or in a car park.

Alarms & Trackers

car alarm

The good old-fashioned car alarm remains a useful tool in theft prevention. Thieves don’t want attention drawn to them. So regularly check that your alarm is working and if it goes off, make sure to investigate why.

Additionally, some more expensive cars are required to have vehicle trackers inside them by insurance companies. 

Even if your insurance company doesn’t require a tracking device it can be a useful tool to recover your vehicle if it is stolen. They come with GPS tracking and you can typically follow the car’s whereabouts using an app for your smartphone.

Disable Your Car

car immobiliser

Are you wondering, what is the best way to disable a car to prevent car theft? Well, many cars come with factory-fitted immobilisers, but they can also be added to cars that don’t have them as standard.

An immobiliser is an added security function that prevents the car from being started without the keys.

This means your car can’t be hotwired without the correct digital key or token being present. It’s another way of slowing thieves down and possibly forcing them to move on to another car.

Remember, Any Car Can Get Stolen

car theft

Although it may seem that certain types of cars are more vulnerable to being stolen, in truth, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you own. 

Cars are stolen for a variety of reasons so no vehicle type is safer than others.

For example, cars with powerful engines and sturdy bodies are typically stolen for ram-raiding jobs. Vans may be targeted as thieves can sell the tools inside or transport other stolen goods inside them.

What Cars Are Targeted For Catalytic Converter Theft?

A recent trend has seen thieves target certain vehicles for their catalytic converters. These can be found in the exhaust systems of modern vehicles and the metal has a high scrap value.

Many hybrid cars are being targeted by thieves as these converters help reduce their carbon emissions.

Insurance claims for theft of catalytic converters have risen over recent years. Especially with the hybrid versions of the Honda Jazz, Toyota Prius, and Lexus RX all being big targets.

Does Car Insurance Cover Car Theft?

car insurance

Car insurance providers offer different things to their customers. So, it’s important that you are happy with the terms and conditions of your cover.

When you are renewing or purchasing car insurance you will have the opportunity to review the company’s theft cover before spending any money.

Some companies will wait to see if your car is found before paying out. With others taking your car if it is found after they have compensated you. Typically, insurers will offer you the market value for your vehicle at the time it was stolen.

Comprehensive insurance cover will commonly cover car theft while third-party policies often won’t.

Your home contents insurance may cover any belongings that were stolen from your vehicle, although your car policy may also do this. It’s up to you to choose which one you would like to use to be compensated for the loss of possessions.

Our Final Thoughts

car theft

Hopefully, the information in this guide helps keep your car a little safer on and off the roads.

Many car theft prevention devices can be bought relatively cheaply and can give you the peace of mind that thieves will be less likely to target your vehicle.

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