Car Modifications: What Car Modifications Are Legal?

car modifications

Modifications have become a popular way for car owners to adjust aspects of their vehicle. But these changes don’t always have to involve souping up the engine or installing an outlandish hydraulics system.

Many of the best car modifications can be done with a few household tools and a trip to your local hardware store!

Due to existing laws around modifying vehicles, it is best to take care that you are only changing your car in a legal way. You are well within your rights to make changes to your car. But there are certain things that you should know to prevent you from falling foul of the law. 

Above all, the tips and recommendations offered in this article will be simple car modifications and practical to implement. But they will also make a real difference to how your car looks and drives. Let’s get started!

Changing The Exterior

It is a common misconception that any change you make to your car could land you in hot water.

However, even alterations to fundamental parts of the car – such as the engine, brakes, and seats – are allowed in certain instances. So what are some cool, cheap car modifications you ask?


car modifications

Well, if you’re looking to improve handling, a good place to start is with the tyres.

One of the good things about changing tyres is that it is a commonly offered service by a host of private garages and mechanics. 

Talk to a mechanic to see which tyres your car’s manufacturer recommends. Ill-fitting tyres could worsen rather than improve your vehicle’s ability to corner. 

The tyres must also clear the bodywork by a sufficient distance to prevent them from locking. Again, if you’re unsure about anything, it is best to speak to a mechanic before trying it yourself.



Spoilers are another common modification that can improve your car’s handling. They are a relatively cheap and easy to install change that can drastically improve flexibility and response, particularly at high speeds. 

If you do opt to install a spoiler, remember to make sure it is securely fastened to the car and that any sharp edges have been sanded down. 

Lastly, it can impair the driver’s view or ability to drive. So take care to have it out of the way of the rear-view mirror’s sightline.

New Paint Job

car modifications

Getting a new paint job for your car is a classic modification that remains popular today. Not only can it make for a really unique appearance. But it can also protect your car’s body from long-term decay. 

Roof wraps are another inexpensive addition that you can make to ensure the top of your car does not suffer from the same wear and tear as the body.

Personalised License Plates

Of course, not all modifications need to be big. Some of the best changes to modify your car are the small details that put the final touch on it. 

Personalised license plates have exploded in popularity in recent years and adding one to your car gives it an added personality that many people enjoy. 

Personalised plates are easy to find online and, while some are expensive, many can be affordable yet impactful changes. 

Once you’ve got your hands on one, all you need is a screwdriver to make the change.


car stickers

Stickers are another common sight on roads up and down the country. They are one of the best ways to modify your car as they’re so cheap. 

These are available from a host of sellers and allow you to add your personal touch to your car. 

All they require for installation is to peel back the paper and position wherever you want them. Provided, of course, they don’t block the driver’s view of the road or the registration plates.

Car Interior Modification

Now that we’ve looked at the outside of the car, it’s time to look to the inside, starting with the lights. 


car lights

When a car rolls off the production line, they are normally equipped with generic, uninteresting bulbs, but this is something you can change. 

Lots of people install neon lights under their cars, which create a striking profile, particularly at night. Some things to be careful of here: UK law states that the tubing of these lights must not show and if you are tempted to change the front, rear, or fog lights, ensure that they conform with the standard colours allowed. 

Front-facing lights must be either white or yellow. While brake lights must be red. Interior lighting on the other hand is cheap and isn’t subject to the same extensive list of requirements as exterior lighting. 

Installing these stylish lights can transform a run-of-the-mill car into a futuristic wonder.  

If tyres and lights and spoilers sound like a bit much, don’t worry. There are a myriad of things you can do that don’t take a lot of time and effort and won’t leave you worrying about whether your car is roadworthy or not. 

Update The Technology

car radio

Older vehicles with outdated internal technology (like CD Players and radios) can be updated with relative ease. 

It’s also possible to put in a USB charger that can control the audio and navigation.

What car would be complete without a phone holder that allows you to look at your map without fumbling around in your pocket?

Windscreen Wipers, Seats & Floor Mats

floor mats

Windscreen wipers, seats, and floor mats are other simple adjustments that almost anyone can make. 

Floor mats are available from a number of online and in-store retailers, as are windscreen wipers. 

The seats themselves are more expensive to get a hold of. But by drastically reducing your car’s weight, they will help acceleration and make you feel like you’re a rally driver.

Our Final Thoughts

modified car

As is the case with a lot of things about cars, the best thing to do if you’re thinking about making an alteration is to research your options.

FairSquare offers a huge selection of new and used vehicles. So if you’re looking for a car to modify, check out our wide range of cars. 

The search function allows you to filter results using different parameters. This means you can find the perfect blank canvas for your modification project quickly and without hassle.

If you’re considering ways you can modify your car, there is so much that can be done. From wholesale changes to the tyres and body, to small tweaks to lighting and accessories. It really does present endless possibilities to the inventive car owner. 

Make sure that any changes you make are not prohibited by law, as you wouldn’t want all of your creativity to end up costing you. 

Ultimately, if you are aware of the various regulations and have done your homework, modifying your car can be a brilliant experience. 

With some do it yourself car modifications, you can go from driving a bland car to driving an extension of yourself. 

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