Car Colours: What Is The Most Expensive Car Colour?

car colours

One of the most exciting things about buying a new car is deciding the colour. Drivers are given a spectrum of colours to choose from, but which ones reign supreme? In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know about the ins and outs of car colours.

Our look at the most popular colours will also explore the most expensive car colours and how to find out the exact colour of your car. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

What Are The Top Car Colours?

car colours

Some people believe the colour of a car reflects the owner’s personality. People with big personalities might drive boldly coloured cars, but that’s not always true. This is because when given the option of all the colours of the rainbow, many of us play it pretty safe.

So many of us have our own ideas of fashion and style, but when it comes to cars, many of us are, well, uninspired. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the United Kingdom has a love affair with grey cars, and it doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon.

The SMMT discovered that 397,197 grey cars were bought in 2020. Sales were slower in 2020 due to the pandemic, but almost a quarter of new cars on the roads in the last 12 months were grey.

There is a sensible reason for our love of grey cars and that’s their resale value. By owning a grey colour car, you can slow the depreciation rate of the same vehicle in bolder colours.

Black colour cars were second on the list of popular shades, followed by white colour cars. Amazingly, the top three colours were monochrome.

According to SMMT, green colour cars and orange colour cars became more popular in 2020. Red colour cars and silver colour cars lost some popularity during the lockdown, as well as metallic colour cars like bronze.

Purple colour cars and other head-turning shades didn’t make the top ten most popular colours as fewer people opted for bold colours.

Furthermore, SMMT found that owners of electric vehicles bucked the grey trend and the most popular EV colour in 2020 was white. 

How To Change The Colour Of Your Car

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You might have opted for a grey car but now feel uninspired by it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to live with the same car colour forever – there are ways you can mix things up.

Changing the colour of your car can be quite simple and there are two common options. Firstly, you find a professional sprayer to do the job for you or secondly, you do it yourself.

A professional car painter will cost a lot of money, but it is the best option if you want the job to be done without any blemishes. Doing it yourself requires a lot of time and space, but there will be a great sense of achievement after you have completed your DIY respray.

You don’t have to respray your car at all, however. Many opt to wrap their cars to get a fresh new colour without the expense of painting it.

Remember, when you change the colour of your car, you must also update your V5C registration certificate to match. 

A colour change won’t see an increase in your tax, but you must inform the DVLA of any changes you make to your vehicle.

Which Colour To Choose For The Best Resale Value?

black car

You might have fallen in love with that shade of banana yellow, but what does it mean for your car’s resale value? The car colours that hold their value best are also the most popular shades.

Grey, black, and white colour cars are commonly the more valuable when it comes to resale, but that’s not always the case. For instance, small city cars suit bright shades like red or green and will hold their value better than larger cars of the same colour.

When it comes to big executive cars, shades like black and metallic are the best. Think about it; when was the last time you saw someone who wasn’t a footballer driving around in a bright pink Bentley?

What Colour Is My Car By Registration?

car registration plates

If you have bought a used car, you don’t always know for sure that the colour has stayed the same over the years. To find the colour of a car you need the colour code.

This is commonly displayed on the vehicle information sticker which can be found on the inside of your door or jamb, on the dash or under the bonnet. On this sticker, you will find the original colour code for your car.

This information is particularly useful if you need to do some touch-ups and want to match the paint.

An alternative method of finding the car’s registered colour is to locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can then use this number to contact the manufacturer or original dealer to track down the original colour code.

The Most Expensive Car Colours

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While certain colours hold their resale value better than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most expensive to put on a car. Metallic paint has flakes added to it while colours need pigment added to them which is why black, grey, and white paints can be cheaper.

All types of paint involve a process to make, but red is commonly one of the most expensive ‘basic’ colours to mix. The process takes slightly longer and customers may be charged a premium for choosing red for their new car

Luxury paint styles like metallic or pearl add an extra dimension when they are hit by the light but they also cost more. These paints can sometimes require more layers than standard paint which also drives the price up.

Car paint is not just about the colour, but also the process of protecting it against the elements. So the more protective the paint, the more you can expect to pay for it.

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